Dynamically careting the SYSIN card

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Dynamically careting the SYSIN card

Postby Ovia » Thu May 27, 2010 4:12 pm


Is there someway I can dynamically pass a value to the SYSIN card?

For eg: My input dataset has the ff data

NONVSAM ------- apcde.fghij123.klmnop.qrstuvw

IS there someway I can create an output dataset with the ff data using OUTREC or some other command

ALTER (apcde.fghij123.klmnop.qrstuvw) -
NEWNAME (apcde.ijklmnop.qrstuv.wxyzab.G00123v00)

The requirement basically is that the Numeric value (2nd HLQ) in the input file is dynamic and I need to have the GDG version number same as the Numeric value in the 2nd qualifier.

Please let me know if this possible. Thanks!!

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Re: Dynamically careting the SYSIN card

Postby tramuntana » Mon May 31, 2010 8:36 pm

Unfortunately JCL is very restricted in using dynamic options so best to my knowledge the answer is no.
You can use variables in a statement like


There are peaces of software around that do what you want in a sort of way but they require the usage of a JES exit which is normally not an option because this will mean a serious change in your environment and additional costs.

The best way to fullfill your requirement is by using REXX but this will not allow you to use the dynamically defined dataset name in further steps.
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Re: Dynamically careting the SYSIN card

Postby Robert Sample » Mon May 31, 2010 9:36 pm

If the numbers are not in sequence, you could potentially be creating some serious problems with your GDG. AFAIK, you must write code (in REXX, COBOL, assembler ... something) to perform this operation (although SORT may be able to do it). And I hope you are aware that once you've done this, the new GDG cannot be referenced in any later step of your JCL? Once submitted, a job goes through the JES converter / interpreter. Once through the C/I, the JCL for a job is immutable and cannot be changed by anything. This means GDG references are fixed before the job starts running. You can submit a new job through the internal reader to use the new GDG generation, but you cannot use it within the running job.
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