Load Library is empty but showing full

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Re: Load Library is empty but showing full

Postby deucalion0 » Thu Aug 07, 2014 3:30 pm

Thanks again Steve for your input.

So can I ask, in future if I have a load library which is in use and has say 20 Load modules in there, how can I update this load library with new load modules. Some of the new load modules will replace the existing ones while some are brand new. So there will be some existing ones which are redundant and not replaced but need to be deleted.

If I had a process for this task then I would follow it in future to avoid the issues I had originally.

Thank you!
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Re: Load Library is empty but showing full

Postby steve-myers » Thu Aug 07, 2014 7:38 pm

If you insist on performing this essentially risky behavior you have to do two things.
  • Your data set must be large enough so it does not need to be "compressed" very often.
  • Your data set needs to have a larger directory. Creating a larger directory in place is as risky as a PDS "compress" and utilities to do it are far harder to find. I once worked in a shop that did this with a user modifiable PROCLIB in the regular JES2 PROCLIB list. The data set had plenty of space, but the directory eventually filled up. At the time I estimated at least 60% of the members were dead members, but which were dead and which were "live" was anyone's guess. As I recall it took several days before the directory was expanded. I don't know who expanded the directory, though I do know they had a utility in house that could do it.

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