Suggestions for learning about control blocks

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Re: Suggestions for learning about control blocks

Postby BigLenny » Wed Feb 16, 2022 8:22 pm

After playing around with it a bit I realized that I hope to never have to use these conversions ever again haha.

/* REXX */          
C1 = C2X('A')        
C3F1 = C2X(C1)      
TESTA = C2D('C3F1'x)
TESTB = C2D(C1)      
SAY C1,              

I'm wondering why I can't do C2D on C3F1 in the code on line 3. I tried C2D on it but it says incorrect call to routine.

So if you want to do a conversion on a certain value you need to make sure to type in the value manually or do the conversion one step before you think you should. If you wanted the value 'C3F1'x you would have to do the conversion through C1 or type it in manually. If you wanted C1 you would have to use A or type in 'C1'x manually.

I hope I understand it, it makes my head hurt :P
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Re: Suggestions for learning about control blocks

Postby sergeyken » Wed Feb 16, 2022 10:19 pm

3 *-* C1 = C2X( 'A' )            
  >>>   "C1"                    
4 *-* C3F = C2X(C1)              
  >>>   "C3F1"                  
5 *-* TESTB = C2D(C1)            
  >>>   "50161"                  
6 *-* TESTA = C2D('C3F1'x)      
  >>>   "50161"                  
7 *-* return                    
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