Clarification on TSO IPLINFO ALL

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Clarification on TSO IPLINFO ALL

Postby Antonyraj85 » Mon Feb 27, 2012 8:59 pm

Hi all,

Our Sub Capacity model is 705 and projected MSU is 650
We have made 3 CP online and 3 zIIP processors
Now, only 3 processors are online, But When I issue TSO IPLINFO ALL, it gives the MIPS value is 7044 with z/OS V1R11

So it means,
3*920 MIPS(3 zIIP processors) - 2760
No of online CPs are 3
So 4284/3 = 1428 MIPS

Can I meant, MIPS per CP is 1428
Maximum MIPS per CP/zIIP/zAAP is 920 only ???

But if we consider number of CP based on the model is 5
4284/5 = 856 MIPS
It makes some meaningful MIPS value

Can anyone clarify ?????? Is there problem on IPLINFO freeware or it is working based on the model we have on Environment ?
Please refer me any IBM manual to read more about this.

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Re: Clarification on TSO IPLINFO ALL

Postby Robert Sample » Mon Feb 27, 2012 9:15 pm

Multiprocsesing impacts the MSU per processor (IBM has recommended NOT using MIPS for any kind of comparison for many years now -- the fact that you are still using MIPS indicates either you ignore IBM or that you have no clue about mainframe metrics). Broadly speaking, the more processors in the configuration, the lower each one's ratinng will be. The TOTAL will be higher since there's more processors doing things, but the available workload per processor drops since each processor must devote some percentage of its resources to staying in communication with the other processors in the machine.

In other words, the results you got are normal and expected.
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