position allignment

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position allignment

Postby avijay4 » Tue Nov 17, 2015 12:30 pm

SDSF EDIT    CJTI0RTC (JOB15194) JCLEDIT                   Columns 00001 00072
 Command ===>                                                  Scroll ===> CSR
 000095                (09,10,CH,EQ,C'410482844 '),OR,
 000096                (09,10,CH,EQ,C'410487434 '),OR,
 000097                (09,10,CH,EQ,C'410493395 '),OR,
 000098                (09,10,CH,EQ,C'410493646 '),OR,
 000099                (09,10,CH,EQ,C'410499688 '),OR,
 000100                (09,10,CH,EQ,C'410500458 '),OR,
 000101                (09,10,CH,EQ,C'410501339 '),OR,
 000102                (09,10,CH,EQ,C'410511234 '),OR,
 000103 (09,10,CH,EQ,C'410514939 '),OR,
 000104 (09,10,CH,EQ,C'410519052 '),OR,
 000105 (09,10,CH,EQ,C'410519841 '),OR,
 000106 (09,10,CH,EQ,C'410522580 '),OR,
 000107 (09,10,CH,EQ,C'410526054 '),OR,
 000108 (09,10,CH,EQ,C'410527276 '),OR,
 000109 (09,10,CH,EQ,C'410529256 '),OR,
 000110 (09,10,CH,EQ,C'410532550 '),OR,
 000111 (09,10,CH,EQ,C'410533162 '),OR,
 000112 (09,10,CH,EQ,C'410537708 '),OR,
 000113 (09,10,CH,EQ,C'410538397 '),OR,
  F1=HELP      F2=SPLIT     F3=END       F4=RETURN    F5=RFIND     F7=UP
  F8=DOWN      F9=SWAP     F10=LEFT     F11=RIGHT    F12=CRETRIEV

Hi, i want to allign the all the data from line no 103, like data in line no 95 to 102? can any one help on this, there is huge data i want to reallign?

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Re: position allignment

Postby Aki88 » Tue Nov 17, 2015 5:20 pm


Please use code-tags while posting, it helps in retaining the alignment of your post; because of this all the rows in your post already appear aligned and we're not sure where the issue lies.

Having said that, you can use standard ISPF EDIT commands (eg. CHANGE or shift-right/left operators etc.), in block mode; that should help in tailoring your control card (which is what I guess you're trying to align here).


Added by moderator. Aki88 is correct. I "coded" the initial post for you. Use ISPF help to obtain information on the > and ) line commands. These are the shift commands Aki88 did mention. Once you start using it, you should find ISPF help is excellent.
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Re: position allignment

Postby NicC » Tue Nov 17, 2015 8:27 pm

Not a JCL question - moving to ISPF.
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