ISPF 3.3 Move has maximum member count?

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ISPF 3.3 Move has maximum member count?

Postby rossburnett » Tue May 23, 2023 3:19 am

Hi, a strange thing happened today when moving PDS members to a new empty PDS-E.
ISPF 3.3 moved 3000 members to the PDS-E and also created another PDS with added nodes BKUP.D052223 to hold an additional 39 members that were not moved. There was plenty of space in the new PDS-E. 3000 seems like a random number to be the maximum number of members that can be moved. I couldn't find any info on maximum moves on IBM sites.
I initially thought the reported 3000 count was peculiar, so I checked the source PDS, and it was empty.
The PDS members that did not move to the new PDS-E had various change dates.
It was only through the Member command on ISPF 3.4 that we found the missing 39.
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