Storage-Group utilization during a certain time-window

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Re: Storage-Group utilization during a certain time-window

Postby willy jensen » Sat Dec 31, 2016 2:55 pm

I have spent countless hours investigating SMF records. As you do not have SAS and MXG (or equvivalent), I would start with the DAF program from CBTTAPE.ORG file 094.
SMF types 14 and 15 are the simpler ones to deal with, and you can use SORT for those, but DAF is way easier to work with. If you do go with SORT then I suggest that you search the web for samples and look at the User Guide on the IBM SORT web site. Or use sort to convert the dataset to a VB which you can process with a REXX program. If you have z/OS 2.1 REXX can read VBS directly.
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Re: Storage-Group utilization during a certain time-window

Postby Aki88 » Sat Dec 31, 2016 4:01 pm

Hello Mr. Jensen,

Thank you; CBTTAPE is a quick one; I did give it a look, seem to have overlooked the obvious; will hit the link again.

We're on z/OS 2.2, so yes, that should work. I am still going through the SMF manual to understand how the records are arranged, this is what is taking time; the straight forward ones are fairly easy (as in the previous code-post) but the sections and subtypes is what I am trying to visualize; it'll come eventually.
Once that is clear, then coding to pull out the data will be easy-breezy, the next hurdle is converting/translating it which again can be done, for instance using DFSORT, it provides a comprehensive set of instructions to tweak the data.
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