CA1 and canceling a job

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CA1 and canceling a job

Postby samb01 » Fri Oct 06, 2017 5:49 pm


when i cancel a job whih is writing into a tape, the RETP is ovverriden by : LDATE/007.

This is my tape in the step :

// DCB=(RECFM=VB,LRECL=27994,BLKSIZE=27998),

We can see, the RETD is 400. But when the job is canceled, the RETPD is overriden inCA1 by LDATE/007. So we have to update it each time it happens write the correct date in CA1, unless the tape is scrathc in 7 days :(

Is there a solution to avoid the LDATE/007 ?
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Re: CA1 and canceling a job

Postby Robert Sample » Fri Oct 06, 2017 6:34 pm

My first question is why, if you are cancelling the job, do you want to keep a tape that is incomplete or inaccurate for 400 days?

Contact your site support group for assistance. They install and maintain the products and will be able to tell you why you get LDATE/007 for the retention period, and how to override that (if it is possible). Only someone working at your site can help you since many parameters of CA1 are site-specific and any advice you get from someone at another site may be wrong.
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