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Re: Calculate Non-vsam space

Postby sensuixel » Wed Jun 08, 2011 2:25 pm

steve-myers wrote:Datasets with more than 3 extents start to be painful since you have to read a Format 3 DSCB. More than 16 extents isn't much more painful since all you have to do is read more Format 3 DSCBs. Once you can process the extent entries in the first Format 3 DSCB, processing more of them shouldn't present an overwhelming problem.

You're right, it's just an iteration on format-3 DSCB, that's not a problem to me anymore, but the multi-volumes files are actually challenging me.
For this kind of files IGGCSI's Field VOLSER is empty, the information are gathered further in the IGGCSI's output at random offset (i don't understand why though).

I think i went wrong somewhere.

I'm taking a thorough look at IGGCSI's documentation (DFSMS/MVS Version 1 Release 5 Managing Catalog) but I don't find the answer for now, I keep on
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Re: Calculate Non-vsam space

Postby steve-myers » Thu Jun 09, 2011 10:44 am

Your IGGCSI00 problem has nothing to do with calculating space. You really should open another topic. There is no fixed location for any catalog data returned by IGGCSI00. Read this topic and the following topic very carefully.
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