How to create Tape file with Retention Period of 99 years

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Re: How to create Tape file with Retention Period of 99 year

Postby Akatsukami » Tue Feb 12, 2013 7:25 pm

steve-myers wrote:
Blackthorn wrote:What release of z/OS are you on?

I believe in 1.13 the maximum value for RETPD is increased to 93,000 which is approximately 254 years.
I didn't know that! I then went to the z/OS 1.13 JCL Reference manual and confirmed it. There are some interesting other comments there one should read. Dynamic allocation allows the longer retention period, too.

Note, however, that the retention period is added to the current (non-SMS) or creation (SMS) date to create an expiration date, which can be no later than 12/31/2155 (if it is later, it is set back to 12/31/2155). This will work for sganja's purposes if his shop runs z/OS 1.13 (from his comments, I'd guess it doesn't), but this is still less than 93,000 days.
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