Anybody can explain these CICS qury in simple language as cl

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Anybody can explain these CICS qury in simple language as cl

Postby arya_starc » Sun Aug 14, 2016 7:16 pm

     EXEC CICS IGNORE CONDITION                      
     EXEC CICS DELETEQ TS                            
               QUEUE (WS-ARPP-QUEUE-ID-NAME)        

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Re: Anybody can explain these CICS qury in simple language a

Postby Robert Sample » Sun Aug 14, 2016 7:40 pm

The first says to ignore a QIDERR if it occurs.

The second says to delete TS queue whose name is stored in variable WS-ARPP-QUEUE-ID-NAME. This API call could get a QIDERR condition should the variable not have a valid TS queue name, but the previous command says don't ABEND the program should that happen.

Both of these API calls are CLEARLY explained in the CICS Application Programming Reference and Application Programming Guide manuals. Why did you not look in them before posting here? If you did, why did you not say so and indicate what was not clear about the manual explanations? Of course, both API calls require a considerable knowledge of CICS -- such as what the response code is, what a temporary storage queue is, and what response codes can arise for the various API calls. If this basic knowledge is what you were asking for, you need to find someone (or a web site) to teach you CICS. We resolve problems and answer questions here, we don't teach subjects.
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