old oracle connection proc for cics to aix oracle

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old oracle connection proc for cics to aix oracle

Postby chinatrain99 » Wed Mar 14, 2018 7:54 pm

We are running oracle connectors v8 on the mainframe. we use tnsproc so our CICS regions can get to our aix oracle servers. I'm in the OS staff. my predecessors never went real far on this issue and we are on an unsupported version. Here's the issue: every 7 months or so, tnsproc gets "tired" and we have to IPL. We cannot cancel tnsproc, restart, and get it to connect. I believe it's got something to do with the subsys being active and oracle can't handle it. I've tested with another product and it just gave me a message subsys was active and went on. tnsproc just "acts" like things are fine. i can't delete the subsys dynamically but i was hoping to change the name of the subsys and bring tnsproc up with a new subsys name. the problem is that every piece of jcl will have to be changed every time this may happen.

oracle cics regions and jcl have this statement:


is there a way to change that statement so that I can put the name of the oracle subsys in a dataset or some sort of jcl copy code??? then, all i would have to do when it gets tired is to change tnsproc to "tnsx", recycle tsnsproc, update file, and then recycle the cics regions. all jcl would be using the dataset so things would only have to be changed in 2 places. that's my dream anyway. 

it would be a lot quicker and the outage (we're law enforcement) would be minimal.

any help or thoughts would be appreciated.

thanks, jeff
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