CICS Tranasction in TOR routed to AOR

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CICS Tranasction in TOR routed to AOR

Postby freelar » Wed May 26, 2010 1:20 am

We used to have a tool i used to do CICS transactions, PPT's, PCT's, etc... Now we have to use CEDA which I have'nt used to setup transactions and I need to setup 1 in a TOR to route to 1 in an AOR. Any suggestions on where to look or how to do this?

We have some documentation but it's limited on using CEDA so I'm going on the internet but that's a cr*p shoot.

The program and map the person wrote auto installed into a CICS test region as I thought it would This application has a main transaction that get's you to the new program/map but coming back the process must look for the transaction to try to set it to know where the process is coming from and gets a CICS transaction missing error.

Any suggestion on using CEDA...

Thanks for your help, Rickey
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