About Binds and DBRM

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About Binds and DBRM

Postby sinmani » Thu Apr 25, 2013 4:43 pm

Hi forum, I have few doubts about the way we deal with dynamic called and static called COBOL-DB2 programs.
I am stating my understanding. Please correct me where I am wrong.

Case 1. Program A ( COBOL-DB2 program)
Calls program B ( COBOL-DB2 program) Dynamically.

Steps :
1. Now for the compile and bind procedure we will compile the programs separately.
2. There will be two loads for the two programs.
3. Two separate DBRM's.
4. We bind two different DBRM in two packages.
5. We bind both the packages in a single plan which can be executed.

Case 2. Program A ( COBOL-DB2 program)
Calls program B ( COBOL-DB2 program) Static call.

Steps :
1. Now when we compile program A it will include Load of program B as well.
2. There will be Single load for the two programs.
3. Single DBRM.
4. We bind this DBRM in one package.
5. We bind this package in a single plan which can be executed.

Is this is right way to go about it??
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Re: About Binds and DBRM

Postby Akatsukami » Thu Apr 25, 2013 7:43 pm

Note a compile never incorporates load modules; only a link-edit will do that.

Each source module generates a DBRM; therefore in case #2 you will do exactly what you do for case #1.
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Re: About Binds and DBRM

Postby enrico-sorichetti » Thu Apr 25, 2013 8:49 pm

(2) nope ...

every cobol source compiled on its own will yield a DBRM

after that the bind process for plan/package/collection stuff will depend on Your organization standard
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