how does db2 plan binds the packages

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how does db2 plan binds the packages

Postby dhoomphatash » Thu Nov 20, 2014 3:33 am

I am new to the COBOL db2 field, so excuse me if the information is not sufficient.

We have 3 COBOL db2 programs which work just fine. Package bind and then plan bind works as usual and we do use changeman. Now my question is once a plan bind is complete, and then I update one of the 3 programs (updates are to the COBOL portion only. no change to the sql queries) changeman automatically does a package bind(which is fine and understandable). Now Is it necessary to do a plan bind again? And when I see the packages in the plan thru fileaid ca screen, I see the contoken is updated automatically in the plan for the particular package. Any help with how the plan gets updated with the new package information when a plan bind wasn't even done would be immensely appreciated.

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Re: how does db2 plan binds the packages

Postby alexm » Wed Nov 26, 2014 9:36 pm

Hi dhoomphatash,

"binding an application" in DB2 z/OS Application Programming and SQL Guide and its related sub-chapters would by a good starting point for this type of questions (the link takes you to DB2 version 10 for z/OS, you may need to navigate to your version's library)

Happy reading,
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