ISPF menu option to concatenate CLIST PDS in SYSPROC

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ISPF menu option to concatenate CLIST PDS in SYSPROC

Postby rajiv_garg08 » Sun Jun 16, 2019 8:52 am

I have written a clist program and want to concatenate the personal PDS in SYSPROCs. I know there is menu option in ISPF wherein we can mention datasets in SYSPROCs, SYSEXECs, ISPLLIBs. I am not able to find that option in ISPF. I am attaching screenshot as well where i want to reach. Please let me know how to reach to this page.
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Re: ISPF menu option to concatenate CLIST PDS in SYSPROC

Postby steve-myers » Sun Jun 16, 2019 10:25 am

  1. Obviously, if you got to the screen in your post you found how to get there, even if you did it accidentally.
  2. It is considered bad form to post these types of screen shots in these forums. They require quite a bit more room in the web site than a screen shot built by copy and paste from your emulator window and quite a bit more time to send to your browser window. There is an example later in this post.
  3. An unanswered question is whether the screen you show permits updates to the configuration, or just shows the configuration.
  4. A more common way to handle this type of configuration update is through any Rexx execs run when you logon. That way it is run when you logon rather than manually after you're logged on. Look there. Hint: See if they test for a userid.CLIST or userid.SYEXEC data set and automatically add them to any SYSPROC or SYSEXEC DD in your logon proc. Also these EXECs frequently automatically run a CLIST or Rexx exec with a standard name like #LOGON or something similar. Check that, too.
    I'm sure you're next question is how do I find out what is run automatically? Look in your login proc. You should see something like this.
    //         PARM='EX ''SYSFAN.REXXLIB(ISP)'''
The startup proc is member ISP in SYSFAN.REXXLIB at this installation. Yours will almost certainly be different. Your next question is how do I determine the name of the logon proc and where is it. The name of the logon proc is in your TSO/E LOGON screen -
------------------------------- TSO/E LOGON -----------------------------------

   Enter LOGON parameters below:                   RACF LOGON parameters:

   Userid    ===> ADUMMY

   Password  ===>                                  New Password ===>

   Procedure ===> SYSUSER                          Group Ident  ===>

   Acct Nmbr ===> 12345678

   Size      ===> 24000

   Perform   ===>

   Command   ===> ex (start)

   Enter an 'S' before each option desired below:
           -Nomail         -Nonotice        -Reconnect        -OIDcard

PF1/PF13 ==> Help    PF3/PF15 ==> Logoff    PA1 ==> Attention    PA2 ==> Reshow
You may request specific help information by entering a '?' in any entry field
It is in the Procedure area. Technically you can change it, but don't. Where is it? That's harder. Start by looking in SYS1.PROCLIB or your system's primary PROCLIB. Hint: Look in the JESYSMSG data set in the SDSF for your TSO session which you can access through the DA option in the SDSF PRIMARY OPTION MENU. Look for IEFC001I PROCEDURE xxx WAS EXPANDED USING SYSTEM LIBRARY yyyyy in this data set.
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